Alternative Therapies for Addictive Disorders

Today Carol talks with Todd Stonnell and Andrea Shipley of Williamsville Wellness Center about art therapy and mindfulness therapies with those recovering from addictive disorders.

A Conversation with NAMI

Today Carol talks with NAMI of Central Virginia staff member,  Jeff Conley, on policy for mental health services and programs for those in recovery and Sammy Styles of Peer to Ear.


Advocacy in Systems

Today Carol talks with Sean Smith, Victim Witness Specialist with Richmond City, gives advocacy tips for allied professionals and hosts Sammy Styles with his segment: Peer to Ear.

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Addiction, Recovery, and Laws Impacting Those in Recovery

Today’s show focuses on substance use and addiction. Carol interviews Stas Novitsky. Program Manager for the McShin Foundation about new programs and what amendments the Foundation is supporting in this year’s legislative calendar. This is a special show this week as we are broadcasting the McShin Foundation’s new podcast series they will be producing at their center. The show ends with upcoming events at local recovery centers and behavioral health authority’s focused on substance abuse recovery.

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McShin Foundation 

SAARA of Virginia

Richmond Behavioral Health Foundation


Women in Recovery: A Conversation with Honesty and Ariel

Emily Westerholm guest hosts today show on women in recovery about their path to healing and a healthy life. Ariel and Honesty share their stories, how they got engaged in recovery and what recovery options are out there for women.

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Recovery Resources

McShin Foundation 

Richmond Behavioral Health Authority 

Recovery Month 2015

2015-recovery-month-vertical-web-bannerMental and/or substance use disorders affect all communities nationwide, but with commitment and support, people with these disorders can achieve healthy lifestyles and lead rewarding lives in recovery. By seeking help, people who experience mental and/or substance use disorders can embark on a new path toward improved health and overall wellness. The focus of National Recovery Month (Recovery Month) this September is to celebrate their journey. Recovery Month spreads the message that behavioral health is essential to health and one’s overall wellness, and that prevention works, treatment is effective, and people recover.

The impact of mental and/or substance use disorders is apparent in our local community, and an estimated 6.8 out of 100,000 people in Virginia suffering from drug overdose fatalities. According to the 2013 National
Survey on Drug Use and Health, 22.7 million persons aged 12 or older needed treatment for an illicit drug or alcohol use problem (8.6 percent of people aged 12 or older). Of these, 2.5 million (10.9 percent of those who needed treatment) received treatment at a specialty facility. Also in 2013, out of the 43.8 million Americans aged 18 or older who had any mental illness in the past year, 19.6 million (44.7 percent of those with any mental illness) received mental health services in the past year. Through Recovery Month, people become more aware and able to recognize the signs of mental and/or substance use disorders, which can lead more people into needed treatment. Managing the effects of these conditions can help people achieve healthy lifestyles, both physically and emotionally.

The Recovery Month observance continues to work to improve the lives of those affected by mental and/or
substance use disorders by raising awareness of these diseases and educating communities about the prevention,
treatment, and recovery resources that are available.

For a listing of resources near you – click here

For a list of events during Recovery Month – click here

LGBTQ Communities

Today’s discussion is on the impact of prejudice and discrimination on the mental health of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer individuals. Our guests today are representatives of agencies collaborating to provide holistic services and advocacy for LGBTQ individuals in our community. Through their combined efforts, they are creating a more accessible environment for LGBTQ individuals to receive services

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Afton Bradley from the Fan Free Clinic

Jessica Rathbun-Cook from ROSMY

Jackie Small from the  Virginia Anti-Violence Project.

Domestic Violence and Recovery


October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and  in it’s honor  today’s discussion is on domestic violence, recovery and community responses. Our guests today are representatives of agencies providing a range of services to respond to survivors of domestic violence and help them heal and recover. Through their combined efforts, they are creating a more systematic approach to helping our community.


Linda Tissiere. Chief Executive Officer of the YWCA of Richmond.

Shawntee Wynn, Director of Sexual and Domestic Violence Services at the YWCA of Richmond

Vanessa Durrant, Director of Counseling and Advocacy at Safe Harbor Shelter in Henrico.

Carolyn Leung, Senior Case Manager from Caritas

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Recovery and Suicide

Today’s episode we are discussing emerging innovative programs to help those who are having suicidal thoughts. Our guests today are representatives of agencies collaborating to enhance responses to those at risk for suicide. Through their combined efforts, they are creating a more systematic approach to helping our community.

A recent suicide by a celebrity has brought this issue to national attention. However, suicide is a daily occurrence and is, according to the CDC, the 10th leading cause of death. They report that in 2010 there were 38,364 suicides in the US – an average of 105 a day or 1 every 15 minutes – There were 1,067 suicides in Virginia in 2011 – above the national average. They occurred most frequently with males (78 percent), whites (87 percent) and people age 45-54 years old (23 percent).Yet females have a higher rate of thinking about suicide. Over 30% of suicides test positive for alcohol, 23% for antidepressants, and almost 21% for opiates.


Kelly Ferguson from The Richmond Behavioral Health Authority

Larry Barnett from Chesterfield Mental Health

Michael Bender from Richmond Police Department

Kimberly Wilson from Tucker Pavilion.

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Individuals in Recovery

This show focuses on individual stories of people in recovery and how they support others through their peer support recovery work.

The soundscapes that are embeded within the show are created by participants in the Recovery By Design project. This is a collaborative project between RBHA and the mOb Studios. This project will be highlighted in the show broadcasting on the fourth Friday of the month.

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Jay Biggers – peer support specialist at McShin Foundation
Cheryl Cummings – peer support specialist at the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority
David Rockwell – peer support specialist at Henrico Mental Health and Developmental Services
Brandi Welch – peer support specialist at McShin Foundation